What’s the best type of car for a landscaper to drive in Cypress, TX?

As A Landscaper In Cypress, TX It’s Best You Look The Part In Having The Right Vehicle

  • Professional landscaping companies know that not all vehicles will cut it, when being a provider of landscaping services

  • Finding a local company that carries all the right tools in its’ best option for transportation is fairly easy in Cypress, TX

  • Landscaping specialists will recommend a larger vehicle like a van or a truck most of the time

  • If you are a larger landscaping company, it is always a better option to buy your vehicles in bulk as it ends up being more inexpensive or affordable

Landscaping is a job that requires heavy equipment and ferrying of heavy items and supplies like soil and fertilizer often. The landscaping equipment used includes hand equipment such as shovels, rakes, hoes, measuring tapes and so much more which are not very heavy and can easily be transported. There is also power machinery that includes mowers, truck-mounted sprayers, truck-mounted ploughs, power blowers and so many other such heavy and bulky equipment that will also require being transported from the office to where the work is being carried out. This, therefore, calls for the need of a proper car that can transport such equipment easily and also serve the landscaper in other ways. Here are some of the best car types for landscapers in Cypress, Texas.

Pickup Trucks – this is the best car for use in landscaping and makes for the best to pull a hitch trailer along the back of it. Pickup trucks come either as full-size pickup trucks or mid-sized truck. The difference between the two usually is on the size of the bed and the power. Mid-sized pickup trucks have lesser power than their full counterparts. For a landscaper, a full-size truck will be the best choice. This is because they get enough bed space for when they have to carry so much equipment and supplies and also enough power to be able to ferry those things around. The full-size pickup trucks cost more than the mid-sized ones.

A pickup truck is also very favorable for a landscaper because it also offers seating space for their workers and also for their family when they are not using the car for work. Some of the best brands that the landscaper in Cypress can choose from are Ram, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford. These four brands have some of the best trucks in the market which include the Chevy Silverado 1500 from Chevrolet, The Ram 1500 from Ram, Toyota Tundra and the Ford Raptors from Ford. Pickup trucks are also favorable because with the power they have they can be able to pull trailers with even up to 11,000lbs.

Medium Trucks – medium trucks are usually larger than pickup trucks but smaller than the heavy trucks. The Ford F650 flatbed truck is one of the most commonly used medium truck. These trucks can carry up to 26,000 lbs which is more than a pickup truck can do. Medium trucks are favorable when big equipment like riding mowers have to be ferried.

Vans – Vans are also favorable for use by a landscaper because they provide a lot of space and can be able to ferry the workers of the landscaping company comfortably. Vans also offer good space on the sides and the back where the company can have their advertising done so everyone in the neighborhood knows who they are.

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