Can Regulating Tree Growth Help Your Houston Landscaping Project?

The Many Benefits Of Using Tree Growth Regulator Products

We all love old, huge majestic trees, but smaller is usually better. This is especially when it comes to putting trees on commercial properties. Do you have trees that are close to your building or trees located on parking lot islands that are struggling or trees that are starting to look like they are in bad shape?

Try A Tree Growth Regulator

Mark Lucas works at Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancement. They take a look at tree growth regulators and they supply tree care services and products across the country. With that said, continue to read on to learn more about the benefits of tree growth regulators for commercial properties.

First, Let’s Discuss Cambistat

We use Cambistat, a growth regulator from Rainbow Treecare. The products do a good job slowing down the growth of some trees, which keeps them healthy and it extends their life. The product reduces the hormone that is responsible for cell elongation, and it increases the production of a protective hormone. It’s only applied once every three years, and it is applied at the base of the tree’s trunk after it is mixed with water.

Lucas said the tree isn’t harmed. He added that the product encourages other benefits too. Some of these benefits include:

Control Trees Too Close To Your Building

Trees are often planted right near buildings. An oak tree can grow to be as tall as 75-feet. If you plan this type of tree too close to your building, then eventually it will have a negative impact on your building.

Prevent Legginess

If a tree grows rapidly, then large gaps might appear between the nodes of the leaves. This gives it a leggy appearance. If you want to keep things compact, then use a growth regulator.

Extend The Life Of Your Tree

An oak tree can easily live 60-100 years when it’s on a farm or in a secluded area. However, it may only live for 15 years if it’s planted in a high-trafficked area. When the soil is too compacted, trees don’t get as much water as they should be getting, and this can cause the tree to suffer. A regulator can extend the life of trees in such areas by as much as fifty percent.

Water Retention

Cambistat helps improves water retention. When a tree ends up dying up top, it’s because the roots are compromises. With a tree growth regulator, your tree will absorb more water and it will retain it for longer.

Reduce Diseases

A regulator can’t prevent diseases. However, some researchers have noted that they have seen some cases in which trees had reduced symptoms of diseases. If you want to reduce diseases in your trees, then use a tree growth regulator.

Improve Tolerance To Droughts

When plants are treated with tree growth regulator, they become more resistant to drought. This protects leaves from drying out, and the leaves will hold moisture better. Furthermore, the root system will be impacted because it will absorb more water from the dirt, and it won’t need as much water as it usually needed before you used the regulator.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Tree

When a tree doesn’t require a lot of energy to grow, it will use energy in various other ways, such as growing stronger roots. This will result in leaves becoming more vibrant in color. In general, your tree will look much better. Besides that, more blooms will produce if you have trees that produce flowers. This will improve your tree’s appearance. It might take a while to notice this, but eventually, it will happen.

Protection From Salt Damage

Tree growth regulator can help protect trees from salt damage. This is especially true in areas where there are snow and ice. In fact, there are a few studies that support this.

Cameras & Lights Are Not Obstructed

Trees tend to grow in front of lighting and security cameras. When they grow slowly, they won’t obstruct those objects. The same goes for your business’s signage. You don’t have to worry about customers not being able to find your signs or read them.

Save Money

Cambistat can save you money because you won’t be spending money on landscape work. It doesn’t cost that much to use a growth regulator. Plus, it’s cheaper to do that than to replace a tree that has died or suffered from a disease. Replacing a tree can easily cost you over a grand. If you want to save money, then use a tree growth regulator. You will be surprised at how much you’ll save in the long-run.


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