Tree Care

The Best Tree Care Services Houston Has Available

Few things can enhance your landscape as much as trees. They can provide shade on a sunny day and privacy from your neighbors. They can also increase the resale value of your home. It is important to properly care for your existing trees to keep them healthy so that they will stay standing for a long time to come.

If you are looking for the best tree service Houston has to offer you have come to the right place. Our company specializes in caring for trees in accordance with the standards set forth by ANSI. All of our tree care specialists have the necessary training and certification to keep your trees as healthy and attractive as possible. Our commitment to excellence means that we are completely dedicated to helping you protect the trees around your home using the most current techniques.

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Here are some of the services that we offer:

Tree And Shrub Pruning

From small shrubs to giant trees, our specialists can take care of any type of pruning that you need to have done around your property.

Bracing Weak Trees

Sometimes, trees become structurally unsound and are at risk of falling. In these cases, stabilizing them using bracing and cabling techniques can help keep them from sustaining damage during periods of severe weather.

Removing Unwanted Trees

In some cases, trees have to be removed. Cutting down trees can be extremely dangerous. Because of that, you need to hire a qualified company to do the work for you. Our experts can safely remove trees from your property without causing any damage or injuries.

Protection From Lightning

Trees that have a high risk of being struck by lightning may need special enhancements to protect them. We have a special kit that is designed to minimize the risk of lightning strikes. The kit itself relies on a series of copper stakes and copper wire to divert the electricity from the lightning away from the tree. In order to ensure that the lightning protection works the way it was intended to, you should have one of our specialists inspect the system once a year to make sure that it doesn’t require any adjustments.

Managing Pests And Diseases

Nothing is more devastating than losing a tree that has been around for decades to pests or diseases. Fortunately, our arborists have the training and expertise to help diagnose problems quickly and to come up with effective treatment options that can prevent long-term damage. If any chemicals are required to treat the problem, they will be applied by a knowledgeable expert and will be used in accordance with local guidelines and regulations.

Grinding Away Old Stumps

When a tree is cut down or removed, an unsightly stump is left behind. Although it is possible to leave these stumps in the ground, it is usually a better option to remove them. They can be ground away using a specialized piece of equipment. Once the stump grinding is done, you will have a nice level area in your yard again.

Tree Fertilization

If you want your trees to thrive, the soil needs to be properly fertilized. This starts by first taking soil samples to determine the current condition of the soil in your area. Our arborists can then add nutrients to your soil based on their findings that will help the trees in your yard grow better and become healthier.

Tree Planting

The arborists who work for our company can help you choose trees that will thrive at your home. Based on the layout of your property, the type of soil that you have, and the ultimate purpose the trees will serve, they can help you select trees that will grow to be a beautiful part of your landscape in the future.

Managing Roots

Tree roots can cause structural damage to the surrounding area and may sometimes need to be removed. Apart from that, arborists can also help your trees become healthier by revitalizing their roots. They have a number of tools at their disposal that they can use to loosen up the dirt around the base of the tree to help the root system thrive.