Houston’s Top Landscaping Company Compares & Contrasts Top Soil & Garden Soil

The Best Houston Landscaping Company Breaks Down The Differences Between Top Soil And Garden Soil

Whether you want to landscape your entire yard or revamp your flower beds, it is very important that the right materials are used. This is true whether you have Houston landscaping companies doing the work or you are doing it yourself. When the wrong soil is used it can result in all of the hard work getting washed away when the first heavy rain hits or your flowers may not bloom due to the lack of nutrients. Knowing the difference between topsoil and garden soil is one of the most important things that you need to know about gardening. If the wrong one is chosen, your garden’s vitality and growth could be negatively affected.

Garden Soil

Quite often “garden soil” is a term that is used on premixed soil packages that home improvement stores sell. However, it isn’t really a separate kind of soil. A home garden’s soil has a texture that is unique and is a special combination of various minerals, clay, silt, and sand. A packaged garden soil is a mixture that incorporates various textures and soils, and they are frequently mixed for targeting a certain kind of plant or garden – you may find various mixes for herb gardens, vegetable gardens, and flower gardens. If you are planning on buying bulk garden soil instead of bags of it at a garden supply store, ask what sources are used by the soil company for its organic matter and sand that is incorporated into it. This will help to ensure that it will blend in well with your garden’s existing soil.


Topsoil is a term that refers to the soil’s top layer. Depending on where it is located, the layer of topsoil might be 5-12 inches deep, and the texture might vary as well. For a majority of gardening purposes, sandy, silt, and clay topsoils should all be avoided if possible since they have a tendency to rain moisture after it has rained, which prevent air from being able to reach the plant roots that are below the surface. Some of the very best kinds of topsoil include ones that have a loamy texture with mixtures of under 52 percent of sand, 28-50 percent silt, and 7-27 percent clay. Those topsoils have a tendency to have a low capacity for water retention but are easy to till. Topsoil, when compared with garden soil, tends to be sold in bigger quantities and used for large-scale landscaping purposes. Also, topsoil is a general-purpose type of soil mixture that cannot be mixed with as much organic matter and fertilizer like some garden soils can.

Making The Best Choice

Whether you are using garden soil or topsoil in your garden, your decision should depend on what your garden’s needs are. A good starting point is conducting a soil test since that will tell you which nutrients are lacking in your garden. That way you can search for a topsoil or garden soil that contains those nutrients. In addition to comparing the soils’ ingredients, you may want to take the price into consideration also – high-quality garden soils have a tendency to be quite expensive, whereas topsoils often are a lot more affordable. Packaged garden soil might be prepared for targeting a certain kind of plant, while topsoil is perfect for general-purpose landscaping. You may want to consider mixing some of both types if your garden has a large area to cover.

Using Topsoil and Gardening Soil

Generally, it is not recommended that you completely replace the soil in your garden or lawn. However, at times the additional soil might be necessary if you are intending to create raised beds or extend your garden. Before buying any new topsoil or garden soil, you should conduct a soil test first so that the new soil pH will match your existing soil’s pH. After buying the new soil, make sure your garden is tilled well, then add a couple inches of your new soil. To get the new soil incorporated, till your garden once again, and then add the remaining soil. If you are planning on fertilizing the garden soil, the best time to do that is after the new soil has been added and before you begin planting.

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