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35 Years of Quality Service in Landscaping

With all the experience and professionalism in service delivery, Landscaping & Gardening, Inc. is the best dealers when it comes to beautifying your lawn. We aim at making our clients happy and fulfilled.

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We dominate the entire Houston when it comes to the provision of the best services in landscaping. We also boast of the most effective products. Our company has much experience in landscaping and this is well done through the implementation, maintenance, and landscaping programs. What we deliver is simply the best. Having gained 40 years of experience in landscaping makes we value every project of our clients and we treat it just like our own. Our clients’ needs are ours as well and we stop at nothing to give them nothing less than the best. Houston Landscaping Source has been known to be the best in the completion of the front yard jobs and was awarded as the best in 2016 through the” Yard of the Month. “

We give much value to quality, at Houston Landscaping Source, we give much attention to the needs of the clients and we cannot be compared to what the other rival companies have to offer since we provide our services with much essence to professionalism. There are no services in Houston that can match to the level of expertise. Having our clients who value our level of professionalism simply makes us stand out as the best Houston Landscape Designers. We simply have the best when it comes to quality service delivery, well, if you also want this kind of service, then communicate to us through the mail or a call.

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We have vast experience in dealing with the outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and abhors. We fully take care of our client’s project and tailor everything to detail. Whether you need patios, kitchen, backyard landscaping, then you can count on the professional hands of our designers who will handle in the best way ever.

Landscape design professionals from our company normally conduct the project in phases and carefully do it in a way that will only bring out exclusive results. The professionals usually remain in site after the installation in order to ensure that everything has been well configured. This is done with close attention to time and budget as well.

We boast of providing the best in landscaping, light construction, irrigation units and much more. Both commercial and residential projects can be well handled with us. We also do architect and prove best through the awards we receive like in roof gardens and golf tournaments.

We also have a supportive customer care unit just for you!

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