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The Number One Ranked Lawn Mowing Service For Your Home Or Business In Woodland Heights, Houston, Texas


For a period of 40 years, our company has been providing the top-notch services, which have much better quality. We are the landscaping company which has the best services. After we have the landscaping design, we go ahead to implement and maintain. And the results are much stunning. Each project you give us, we work it like it’s our own home because we understand the client is making an investment. A lot of time is spent trying to make it look good and better to be happy with where we live. As we give all this detailed attention, we have been awarded the ‘yard of the month ‘as we have implemented 70%of the yard.


We Can Provide More Than Just Lawn Mowing Services; Outdoor Kitchens, Drainage And Irrigation, Artificial Grass Installation Are Just A Few Among A Long List Of Services

Our landscaping company gives the best quality because we are aware that you are making an investment in your homes. There are other companies which still provide a wide range of array quality, but the level of creativity we offer, can’t be found anywhere with the price we give. Our customers are able to tell a professional landscape service, we are the best landscape designers in Houston, and if you believe in us, contact or email us we shall give you all the details you need to start the project.


Our Team Of Highly Trained Staff Will Deliver For Each And Every Client’s Unique Needs

Arbors, outdoor kitchen and swimming pool, for you to have your project well developed you should hire a team of experts, swimming pools one project which needs more attention and not just dropped in the backyard, the patios and kitchen will have a good flow is blended together. In Houston landscaping source, we have the expertise which is able to have your project design and be brought into reality. We remain on the project until when the installation begins to supervise as we keep in touch with you. We deliver our projects as planned both on time and budget since we take what we do seriously. This is what makes stand out in the class.


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In the landscaping source we install both irrigation and light to all types of homes, is it residential, institutions or commercial. It’s been over 28 years since we started focusing on high-end projects which are architect supervised. What we do the playgrounds, roof gardens, golf tournament, office complexes. We basically specialize in making your dream come true. The outdoor kitchens, patios, pergolas, will make your home the best relaxation and entertainment spot. For 40 years we have been experienced in landscaping both residential and commercial projects. We do water sapping layouts which are of low maintenance and have a durable optimization which helps keep the power down. we do not only design the project but we also clean, repair and help in maintaining them so they can retain its beauty.


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