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How much do you care for your lawn? Allow the Landscaping & Gardening, Inc. does the best work for you. We simply deliver beyond the expectations of our clients.

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If you are in Houston, probably you have heard about the Houston Landscaping Source. This company has the best landscape designers and through their quality service delivery, all the implementation, maintenance as well an as the landscaping of your project is done in a complete way. The kind of landscapes that we deliver are exclusively beautiful and up to the mark. The experience has been close to 40 years and until today our secret lies in treating our client’s job much like our own. Since we also value where we live, we want our clients to cherish their residents and be proud of them.

The Houston Landscaping Source has done at least front yard jobs that led them to be awarded the” Yard of the Month. “ Our clients love investing in their homes and we ensure we give much attention to quality while delivering our services. We do it with much creativity, something that places us a notch higher from the other companies. Our clients appreciate and value our expertise, in fact, there is no designing company better than the Houston Landscape Designers.

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Our company is real adepts when it comes to the designing of the swimming pool, outdoor kitchens as well as abhors. We also do the patios, outdoor kitchens, and patios through a landscaping design like no other. Once they have stated on your project, the Houston Landscaping Source, will execute every step with all the expertise and ensure everything comes out in a perfect way.

For clients’ confidence and approval, some professionals do remain with the clients once the installation process has been done just to ensure everything is well done. The projects are done in good time and with a budget, well these are some of the main reasons that make us real triumphs in Houston.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have. Whether it is a commercial or residential, our services are still up to the mark, we do irrigation and light construction. 

For 28 years we have dominantly remained the award winners in community-based projects such as golf tournaments, office complexes, roof gardens, and parks. We want to build you a spacious backyard, outdoor kitchens landscaping, as well as patios. Get to our customer service unit for more details!

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