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We do give the best services; Landscaping & Gardening, Inc will always put a smile on your face through their best service delivery system. We make all our clients comfortable and satisfied with our services

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Houston Landscaping Source is a company that focuses on providing quality services to all our clients with the use of products at hand. We do the landscape delivery in the threefold way of landscaping, implementation and maintenance services. All we care about is providing the most attractive landscapes like no other. Owing to the 40 years we have gained through experience, we make the homes of our clients as beautiful as they would want them to appear. We value their efforts and endeavor to add décor and glamor in their surrounding.

In 2016, our company had completed at least 70% of the yard jobs leading to their award in” Yard of the Month. “ Feel free to give us a call or send to us an email since our services are done in the most professional way. Other companies do provide more like what we offer; the only difference is we go a mile higher through our creativity and innovation that can only be done with us. Since our clients do value professionalism in our service delivery, Houston Landscape Designers remains the top option for all your needs.

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We are not just focusing on the Tehri parts like other designing companies. Our team of experts has all it takes to give you an exclusive project that has been fully completed. We major in the swimming pool landscapes, outdoor kitchens, abhors, patios, as well as the backyards. Right from the step of conception, our team of experts will take your project to completion and will take the pleasure of staying back with the client even while the installation has been done in order to ensure everything is thorough. This alone makes us stand out in Houston.

Our company also majors in the installation of the irrigation units, light construction as well as landscaping designs this is done on all form of platforms. Whether you have a commercial or residential project, our team of experts has what it takes. We have been in service for the last 28 years and our main focus has been on providing exclusive projects making us win more awards from the neighborhood. From places such as office complexes, golf tournaments, parks, and other common areas.

We have more expertise in helping you come up with an exclusive backyard. Pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and landscaping are what we do with full attention to detail

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