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For the last 40 years, we have been the landscaping designers in Houston. Our main role is providing with the top-notch services, which are of the best quality. We are a fully serviced firm in Houston. Our work is to give a landscaping design; we implement it and also ensure the stunning project has been well maintained. All the jobs given to us, we treat them as like our own homes. Since we can relate to the much time has been spent on making the project come out very beautiful, also we know you have to be proud of the place you live in. this detailed attention to our projects has given us the award ‘yard of the month ‘in 2016, 70% of the front yard projects had been through.


Lawn Care And Maintenance Is Just One Of The Many Services We Can Deliver at Houston Landscaping Source

We are a quality oriented company in the Houston Landscaping Source; we also understand that the client is making an investment in their homes. With the wide range of services being offered by other companies, we become much more creative in the construction. The prices we also give are not comparable in the market. Those clients we have worked with are able to spot a landscape done by a professional. You can believe in us giving you all the help you need, to start by contacting us or emailing us and let’s discuss the details.


Our Experts Will Deliver Exceptional Lawn Mowing Services For You And Your Home

You are advised to get a team of professionals who will have the whole project taken care of. From the swimming pool to the arbor and to the kitchen. The swimming pool should be given much detailed and attention to the project and not just created there. The kitchen and the patios should be designed to blend well. what has brought us to the top of the class able to is that we are able to give the project back on time and on budget.


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In the Houston landscaping, we install irrigation, lights construction both for the residential and commercial projects. In the last 28 years, we have been primarily focusing on the architect supervised. Our jobs usually entail playgrounds, common car parks, office complexes and roof gardens together with decorating a professional golf place. We give high specialty in building your dream yard. The landscaping source to the outdoor kitchen and patios is what will bring beauty to your home. For the last 40 years, we have had the experience to bring the best in quality especially when it comes to commercial or residential landscaping. Be it small, big or a luxury landscaping, here at Houston landscaping source we promise to deliver. Our main work is not just about designing the project, but we also clean, repair and keep it well maintained.


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