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For over 40 years, we have enough experience as landscape designers in Houston. We provide you with the best quality top notch services. We are known to be a full services company. After we have given the landscape design, we go ahead to implement and maintain them.


We Provide Every Client With Several Options And Services For Their Home Or Business Landscape

We understand that a lot of time is spent trying to bring up ma beautiful residence. One that you can be very proud of. The reason we treat each project like our own home. As we are known in Houston for the detailed work we give, and we have been awarded the ‘yard of the month’. The custom landscaping sources in Houston have managed to compete for over 70% of the yard jobs given in 2016. In Houston landscaping source, our company is known to be the best in quality as we understand the clients who hire us are investing in their homes. Several companies will offer a wide range of the array, but we give to you is the best creativity not found anywhere with the price we tag on. Most of the customers recognize the value of professional landscaping service, let us make your dream come true by contacting us or through email.


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We deal with outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, and arbors. It’s much better if you could hire a team of specialized people to work on your project, as one company will just be interested in their work. A swimming pool should be done on a whole project and not just be being dropped at the backyard. The kitchen and the patios should be blend together for a good flow. Our landscape design experts are ready to work with you from the conception of the project to the implementation all the way to the conclusion. Our team will be supervising the project all the time immediately installation begins. In our company what we base on is delivering your work on time and on the proposed budget. For so long this has made stand the best in landscape designers.


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At the landscaping source, we do the installation of the irrigation, light construction and landscaping. This is in both the commercial and residential projects. We started bringing our focus on the high tech products since the last 28 years. Our work entail s the playgrounds, common area parks, golf tournaments, roof gardens and office complexes. We do special in giving you your dream yard. The landscaping in Houston will assist you in making your home a relaxing and entertaining pace. We have been in the field for over 40 years, so we are able to give you the best. May it be small,  big or just basic landscaping project you wish done, contact us at the Houston landscaping source and we make it happen. We give the water scaping layouts which are low to maintain and have a durable o optimization, apart from construction; we also repair service and clean the already existing projects.


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