A Guide To Better Lawn Care During A Texas Winter

Lawn Care Tips For Texas Winters

In order to make certain that your lawn is its best 12 months of the year, it is wise to heed some advice for wintertime lawn care in Texas. Though there is not as much required during this time of the year as there is during, summer, performing a series of key tasks can really make all the difference. The following tips for winter lawn care can help make sure your Texas lawn is stunning no matter the temperature.

Boosting The Growth Of Roots

After you do your final grass cutting prior to winter, make sure you take steps to boost wintertime root growth. Leave the grass a bit taller than normal to keep roots protected and apply an appropriate amount of quality fertilizer. A good time to do this is in the late part of fall as well as the earliest part of spring so that roots remain healthy and the grass recovers quickly after months of cooler weather.

Avoid Excessive Watering

Grass does not need nearly as much watering during winter, simply because it is not as active as in summer. Though root grown and development should be encouraged, it is important to remember that lawns are somewhat dormant when temperatures decrease. The key is to revel in your indoor time and do not spend a great deal of time or thought on watering during a Texas winter.

Establish Winter Grasses

In terms of specifically winter-appropriate grasses, the minds of many Texans go to ryegrass. This is a sort of grass variety that does indeed fare well in cool areas. Of course, it is necessary to conduct a fair amount of research to determine whether ryegrass is right for a particular landscape plan, as it can impact the success of summer grasses once temperatures climb. Further, ryegrass may require some winter mowing if it does particularly well. A local landscape professional can offer useful tips and advice on how to keep any Texas lawn thriving and healthy in winter.

Monitor Weed Growth

The truth of the matter is that weeds can remain during the winter months, and it is important not to ignore them. Pulling and/or digging can be effective, or herbicides may be used to spot treat. Make certain that the temperature is sufficient for herbicides to be effective, though. If you take steps to eliminate weeds when the weather is cool, you will see a real payoff come spring.

Enlist Expert Help

Perhaps you have a general notion of how best to maintain your lawn during a Texas winter, but need additional insights. If so, getting in touch with a professional is a great way to go. Individuals who provide lawn care in Houston Texas have the ability to analyze your lawn’s requirements and give you the tools you need for success, no matter the weather. You can rest assured that your home’s landscape design will be far better if you take the time to consult with the pros.

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