Synthetic Turf & Artificial Grass

If you would like a professional installer of synthetic grass Houston several but we are the best. Artificial or Synthetic Grass is a surface made from synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of natural grass. It is commonly used in sports arenas where games were normally or originally played on grass. However, Synthetic Grass is currently being used in various commercial and residential lawn applications such as patios, roof decks, golf greens, play areas, pet areas, and landscapes.

Synthetic grass is preferred because of maintenance. It is capable of standing up to heavy use such as for sports and does not require any trimming or irrigation. Our clients save thousands of dollars that they normally would spend on utilities and care while conserving water, which is a precious resource. We offer synthetic grass Houston as well as putting greens for commercial and residential synthetic grass markets.

Beyond Artificial Grass

The high quality artificial grass turf we offer is guaranteed to provide you with more than a means to conserve water and a green lawn. It is simply an unmatched, beautiful, innovative, and durable landscaping solution. If you do it the right way, the new artificial grass will be an investment into the property and can enhance your lifestyle by providing an always available, beautiful, and extra living space to your home.

Our customers tell us constantly that their lives improved after investing in a synthetic grass for their Houston properties. The results are nothing short of outstanding and the benefits it provides are numerous, which far often exceed their initial expectations. Imagine just how a lovely, green, and problem free landscape would improve living conditions for your family. Try out our synthetic grass today and experience the difference.

Synthetic turf can be a more preferable solution in areas where the environment is especially hostile to natural grass. Good examples are areas with little natural light or arid areas. Artificial turf is able to significantly withstand more use than natural grass and can thus be used far more frequently. It is also great for holiday homes where it is not practical to maintain a home. It also works great for elderly homeowners that find it too hard to maintain a lawn. It works great for swimming pool surrounds and roof gardens too.

It can be very time consuming to maintain a lawn in Houston with all the spraying, mowing, and fertilizing required. You have to pay more each month for electricity and water because of the Houston heat. If you go away on holidays, you have no other option than to ask a friend or the neighbors to tend to your lawn. Once you finally get the lawn of your dreams you constantly worry that pets or children will either damage or disturb it.

Synthetic grass Houston can be applied to any lawn or garden including patios and roof terraces and is the perfect solution to muddy patches that form in shaded areas. It is completely resistant to mold and bacteria. The backing on which the fibers are attached is incredibly tough and does not allow roots or grass to grow through and does not allow pests such as moles to pass through too.

Moles are a known plague to lawns in Houston. Synthetic grass forces moles deep underneath the grass and far away from your property. We offer a 100 percent mole resistance guarantee on your synthetic lawn areas as well as any natural flower beds located within the area.

Synthetic grass is made of polymer fibers that give you the chance to have a healthy looking, maintenance free lawn 365 days a year. Our synthetic grass means that you will never have to deal with scorched grass during the summer months and won’t have to water your grass and it will retain its beautiful green color all year round.

Synthetic turf is child friendly and this makes it great for rolling and playing on, as well as for inflatable swimming pool and picnic areas. It is the perfect choice if you desire natural looking lawn at your home in Houston. You will reduce your water bill dramatically. You can expect to save as much as 50 percent of your water use, which can have a great impact on your water bill each month.

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Stress Free

When you are spending time at your home, you won’t be bothered by maintenance in your garden because artificial turf does not require watering or mowing or any other weekly maintenance.

The weather and climate in Houston are both harsh on natural grass. Synthetic grass will always maintain its perfectly maintained and green look. Sprinklers might fail while you are away or your water flow could be stopped because of several different reasons. Natural grass would simply turn yellow and then die quickly. With our synthetic grass, this is something that you never have to worry about again.

Final Thoughts


Quality synthetic turf we offer will give you years of satisfaction if you make the right decision regarding the product and installation company. When shopping for your Houston lawn, you will often hear various misrepresentations and claims by those solely focused on selling their turf but are not looking out for your best interests.

We are a professional synthetic grass Houston Company that stays current with the latest synthetic turd available from the best manufacturers in the country. We have the best product in Houston, 10 years’ experience, and professional installers to make sure that the installation is done right first time around and provide you with many years of satisfaction. When it comes to synthetic grass landscaping, trust the experts by trusting our brand.