5 Ways To Ensure You Have Landscaping Safe For Halloween

Look A Ghost! Wait, It’s Just Poor Landscaping.

With Halloween, you will have both new and old visitors to your home, so you should be sure that your landscaping is safe and ready to go. While it will be fun to decorate for the holiday, there are some precautions that should be taken. During this time of year, you will have a number of people coming up to your front door and walking across your lawn, so you should be prepared. Your local Houston landscaping company would like you to know some tips that you can use to have a spooky and safe Halloween:

1. Add More Lighting

While you may want to have portions of your landscape dimmed down to increase the effect of the decor, be sure that all paths are lit well so that nobody trips and falls. If you are putting together a fun house that should be darker, there are several lighting options that you can ask your professional Houston landscaping about to allow people to view the path, but you will still have the Halloween ambiance.

2. Keep The Path To Your Door Clear

The path leading up to your door should always be clear and easy to use for trick-or-treaters. Costumes can sometimes make it hard for them to see due to the masks and other accessories, and many kids will be so excited that they will run to get the candy. This can make it hard for them to pay attention to all of their surroundings, so a clear path will help keep them safer.

3. Remove Strom Debris

When there have been high winds and storms that have taken down branches, you need to have them picked up so that nobody steps on them and gets hurt. It is best to remember that any toys that your children may have left get picked up along with the ball that your dog plays with. Anything that is laying around that may be difficult to see should be picked up, so just do a walkthrough of the area where trick-or-treaters may go to ensure everything is free and clear.

4. Be Sure Extension Cords Are Grounded

There may be decorations that need power via an extension cord, so just be sure that they are grounded and people can spot them easily. You never want guests tripping and getting hurt, as they can also take down the decorations in the process. Use reflective tape for holding the cords in place, and if you see they are still on the path where people will be walking, you can think about moving those decorations to a spot that is safer.

5. Rake Up The Leaves

Leaves can be slick, so when you step on them it can become dangerous. Even just a few leaves on your lawn can cause a trick-or-treater to fall. Take time to rake up the leaves, or you can call or contact your local Houston landscaping to take care of your yard maintenance before the big night of Halloween arrives. You can even think about taking the leaves and having them placed in bags that are made to look like jack-o-lanterns to add even more to your decor!

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