Root Barriers

Root Barrier Solutions: Protection Against Root Damage That is Guaranteed

Some of the most powerful forces in nature can be roots from trees; especially when near various kinds of concrete and foundations, the damage they are able to cause can be quite costly. What tree roots aggressively seek out is water, oxygen and nutrients. These roots are able to extend underground and move outwards 3x the diameter of the canopy of the trees. As a tree grows, the roots become longer and larger and apply a large amount of pressure to concrete as well as other hard surfaces. These roots are what break and draw water away from sidewalks, driveways, foundations, as well as other hardscape surfaces costing billions of dollars every year throughout America in slab and foundation replacement.


What is a Root Barrier?

A physical underground wall which protects foundations as well as other structures from damage due to tree roots is called a root barrier.

What Type of Root Barrier do You Install?

The type of root barrier we install is made from a geotextile drainage fabric material that is durable and contains trifluralin. Trifluralin is a non-systemic and effective herbicide which creates a zone around the area that is protected redirecting root growth, outside the zone, roots continue to naturally grow and the tree or plant life is not damaged.

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Why This Works

Placement Method

Our placement method is to trench down to horizontal zone that is naturally occurring and is root proof, the root barrier is placed in a single continuous piece into this trench and the roof barrier top finishes above ground.


Normal Placement

The barrier´s normal placement is to place it around structure, parallel and out from the structure’s footings. It is best to not surround the tree. The method that’s preferred is to place the root carrier alongside the road, path, building, etc. this way the roots from the tree are not able to access the structure.

The root barrier functions as a waterproof seal that protects the soil found underneath structures from laterally lost moisture. The structure vertically prevents loss of moisture therefore the soil´s moisture content is able to be stabilized and will remain constant, The soil under the building can, after installation be rehydrated if necessary so that it returns to the moisture content that it had prior to the building being built.

It works in a quite simple way. When root tip cells divide, roots grow and root tips cell division is prevented by trifluralin. This product has been in agricultural use for over 35 years and has proven to be a method which is one of the most effective for the prevention of tree root damage.

Benefits of Root Barrier Installation

It helps to prevent costly repairs to foundations, sidewalks, driveways, patios, as well as other hardscape surfaces.

Root Barriers Help Preserve Trees

The beauty of trees is greatly appreciated and they are also a much needed part of our eco-system. They allow us to breathe deeper as well as provide our homes and recreation areas with much needed shade.


Root Barrier Warranty

What we guarantee, if used as directed is that no root are able to grow through and cause any damage to structures for a time period of 15 years

The intended design for this product is for root control. The nodule releases herbicide which is metered and prevents root penetrations. The fabric allows for water as well as nutrients to pass through. Herbicide release will be accelerated with exposure of Biobarrier outside of the protective yellow bag and cause the fabric to degrade; this will shorten the products effective life.

At Houston Landscaping Source, we are not held responsible for any potential harm or damage to a tree during and/or after the root barrier´s installation.