Some Serious Shrubbery To Survive The Summer Heat

Want To Beat The Heat With Something You Can Plant? Read About These Options!

With the hot long days of summer creeping up on the calendar again, you know that weeks and months of high temperatures will make their annual visit. Those concerned about their lawn care in Houston often ask us what specific plants they should plant in order to beat the summer heat. Many considerations have to get factored into choosing the proper plants and materials. Such factors include whether or not plants flower, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, the season in which it flowers, sun exposure, size, and watering needs. Below we’ve listed a sampling of our most common recommendations, ones we know that aren’t just resistant to heat and tolerant of drought, but also possibly something that aesthetically meets your project needs:

Asclepias Tuberosa / Butterfly Weed:

This versatile plant is ideal for conditions running both cold and hot, producing vibrant orange flowers. It’s a helping hand to local butterflies as a food source and host plant.

Lantana spp / Lantana:

This lovely plant is one that attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard or garden. The available heights and colors vary, so choose one that works for where you are planting. Many times, they’re not actually marked for their height, so relocation might be necessary. These are deer-resistant and drought-tolerant.

Tagetes spp / Marigolds:

The marigold is a little workhorse in the middle of a hot summer, as it produces a lot of blooms even in the height of heat. Very little care is needed for this plant, and you can even gather seeds for the next year. These annuals like to have full sun in soil that is well-drained and rich in humus.

Angelonia Angustifolia / Angelonia:

Typical colors here are white, purple, and raspberry. Since they are so colorful, this plant is best off visually when clustered tightly so they bloom in masses of color, given the small size of their flowers. Plant these in full sun ideally, but a little shade is tolerable. Angelonias that become spindly should be cut back so it grows thicker and reblooms. This drought-resistant bundle of beauty continues to bloom even in high heat. In fact, if often blooms for a long time thanks to being deer-resistant.

Portulaca Grandiflora / Moss Rose:

These succulents bloom in bright colors and seem to do well in conditions that are hot and dry. Moss roses also don’t need a lot of water, just well-drained soil and full sun. Root cuttings are also easy, as you can just stick one in the ground and then water it for several days.

Passiflora Incarnata / Purple Passionflower:

If you’re looking for a vine that survives summer heat and even give you pretty flowers, then this native makes a good choice. You need full sun and soil that drains well to start these plants, but their water requirements are low.

Rudbeckia Fulgida / Black-Eyed Susan:

These flowers aren’t just pretty, they’re practically maintenance free save removing dead stalks. Basically, you get to plant them and then forget them, just letting them be. That’s great for dry, hot summer days you don’t want to do yard work. Just be certain to wear gloves when dealing with this plant, since the stems have tiny hairs known to irritate human skin.

Plant them in full sun or part-shade in pretty much any kind of soil. Water this plant initially, but keep in mind that their water requirements minimize once they’re established. In addition to tolerating drought, they’re also deer-resistant.

These plants are just a handful that you can plant for a summer project if you want to beat the seasonal heat. If you want more information or have other needs in your yard, contact us today for your lawn care in Houston questions and concerns.


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