Outdoor Kitchen Contracting

An Overview of Our Outdoor Kitchen Services and How They Can Benefit Your Home

One of our favorite construction projects is Houston outdoor kitchens. Your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area can be built with a patio cover or without one. There are other options of having a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

We have expert project developers on staff that have extensive experience that will work with you closely in order to have a custom-designed kitchen designed that will seamlessly blend in with the exterior of your home. You can choose stone, brick, stucco, granite, tile or concrete counters. We always use a high-quality framework underneath. We use tubular steel framing and fiber-cement sheathing to construct all of the outdoor kitchens that we build to provide you with a durable, non-expansive and heat-proof foundation. We strongly believe that Houston outdoor kitchens make a great addition to any home, or covered patio anywhere in Texas.

If you want to customize your outdoor living space, there are hundreds of ways to do this, and your only limitations are your imagination and budget. During the design and planning process, we work with you very closely to make sure your new outdoor kitchen will turn out exactly how you want it to! We can also make a patio cover for you (also known as covered patios) as well as an outdoor kitchen so that the usability of your outdoor living space even further.

How Much Does An Outdoor Kitchen Cost In Houston, Texas?

The answer to this question will depend on a number of different variables, including size, material types, appliances and other factors that all contribute to your vision of what an ideal Houston outdoor kitchen is. An outdoor kitchen typically begins at the $10,000 to $20,000 price range, and that price does not include a patio cover.


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Why Should I Buy An Outdoor Kitchen In Houston?

Houston outdoor kitchens provide so many benefits that it is impossible to list them all. The following are among the most popular ones:

Extra space for big social gatherings

An ideal place to entertain

Allows you to escape a hot and crowded indoor kitchen when you are entertaining

Increases the value of your home

Outdoor Living Space that has a Covered Pergola

An outdoor kitchen allows you to really enjoy your backyard

Reduced danger of spills due to having to travel with your food less

Having the ultimate backyard attraction

Simplified logistics for transporting and heating food

Outdoor kitchens offer all of the full-service amenities that custom indoor kitchens provide. They are so comfortable and efficient that after a party has moved into one of those structure, it isn’t necessary to go back inside the house in order to get utensils, food products and cookware. You can store and retrieve everything from the cabinets that are built right into the kitchen.

It is a top prior of ours to make your summer kitchen work visually with the entire landscaping master plan for Houston. It is built architecturally to compliment the home’s design directly. By working on something as a mirror of the main home, it becomes one of the foundational themes in the Houston landscaping design.

It includes everything from walls, gardens, patios and walkways that can link to the home’s aesthetic in such a way that it makes the whole property look like a unified outdoor living world.

Another major consideration for all projects is practicality. A majority of designs feature a roof and three walls to withstand the entire range of seasonal weather changes on the Gulf Coast. Appliances in the covered outdoor kitchen include not only all of the tools that you need for indoor cooking, but grills as well as other tools for doing traditional outdoor grilling and barbecuing.


Our Policy

To build pipes, sinks and appliances out of stainless steel in order to protect them against corrosion. During the spring and summer times, there can be rainy period that can lead to mosquito outbreaks. There are steps that can be taken to make the structure insect proof to be able to enjoy summer parties without issues.

The Perks of Having An Outdoor Kitchen

Luxury outdoor kitchens have air conditioners and fans built into them to keep them cool during the spring and summer times.

Despite the fact that the structure is open to air completely on one side of the structure, there is also a roof and three walls surrounding to form a very shaded and intimate interior.

Even a simple AC system on a low setting, or a series of fans that blow through the room, will create the equivalent of having a nice breeze that blows through a shady forest. Individuals eating in this environment are able to feel comfortable within this indoor world without having to lose touch ever with feeling the nature that outdoor living in Houston can offer them.

For holiday parties during the end of fall and winter, beautiful fireplaces and heaters comfortably warm outdoor kitchens that are built into the living room and dining areas.

That makes them perfect for family Christmas parties that kids can use to roast their marshmallows over the fireplace.

Your guests can sit on luxurious indoor furniture and enjoy full-course meals and enjoy.

We always customize the actual size of the seating areas to the amount of guests that the homeowner prefer for special events held for selective groups of family members and significant friends. However, overflow seating can be accommodated quite easily for larger events through constructing a network of walkways and patios outward from your outdoor kitchen.

When a large gathering is going to held, each of the patio areas can be used an outdoor dining area so that everyone can feel part of the event and included.

Houston outdoor kitchens come equipped with both exterior and interior light features to create various layers of decorative and functional light. There are also lighting controls installed to allow homeowners to control the various layers for creating different moods for various events. Decorative trees, shrubs and plants are planted around a summer kitchen in order to soften the sophisticated architecture’s aesthetic in such a way that it harmoniously blends in with your yard’s natural elements.

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