Houston Landscaping Source: The Most Beautiful Landscapes Around The World

Discover The 11 Most Beautiful International Landscapes With Houston Landscaping Source

At Houston Landscaping Source, we have scoured the globe for the most pristine vistas and landscapes that we apply to our breathtaking designs. In this post. We will share some of the most amazing places we have visited along with some helpful points for any fellow globetrotters heading out into the world. In this post, we visit 11 exquisite destinations known for their unparalleled beauty and inspirational landscapes. Join us as we take a trip through the backyard we all share.

1. Cordillera del Paine, Chile

The stunning landscapes of Cordillera del Paine in Chile have been cut and shaped with the strength of glacial forces. Torres del Paines, the highest summit presides over a mountain range dotted with hidden valleys. This region is one of UNESCO biosphere reserves.

2. Elephant Island, Antarctica

Famous as the citadel where Ernest Shackleton held out on his 1916 expedition, Elephant Island is a frozen coast marked by inhospitable mountain passes. This area has a foreboding feel on the outreaches of the great Southern Continent of Antarctica.

3. Dettifoss, Iceland

Often called the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe, Dettifoss is located in the Northwest region of Iceland. It is ideally set in a sheer cliff face and there is hardly a spectacle of greater grandeur and splendor in the world.

4. Scottish Highlands, Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are another fascinating landscape with a rich culture and fascinating history of rebellion and freedom. Rolling hills and shrubbery of every shade and color make this region of the world almost magical if you visit in the right season.

5. Grand Canyon, USA

As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, you can bet the Grand Canyon in the USA is a sight that leaves you breathless. Over untold billions of years, the Grand Canyon has been carefully eroded and carved by the mighty Colorado River and its many tributaries.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

The lost city of the Incas has a magnificence matched only by its mysterious nature. Machu Picchu is located on a cliff overlooking the Urubamba Valley through which the picturesque Urubamba River flows toward Cuzco.

7. Peyto Lake, Canada

Peyto Lake in Canada is fed from the crystal waters of a glacier high in the Canadian Rockies. During the warmer months, Glacial rock is released into the lake and this gives the waters a stunning turquoise color.

8. Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

One of the most iconic locations in Iceland, this is an attraction that invites travelers from the corners of the globe. The falls are amazing and there is even a path that allows the visitor to walk around behind the falls.

9. Northern Lights, Various

No matter where you go, the Northern Lights are a spectacular phenomenon that appears in the polar sky and is a result of solar radiation interacting with the Earth’s Magnetic shield.

10. Iguassu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Located on the border between three countries, a waterfall higher than Niagara Falls and wider than Victoria Falls must be seen to be fully believed.

11. Puerto Natales, Chile

On the edge of Chile’s Pampas, Puerto Natales boasts some amazing views of the mountains and a lovely coastline that is both soothing and inspiring.

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