How To Water Your Lawn

Houston Lawn Care: How To Water Your Yard

The color of your lawn says a lot about its condition. If it starts to lose its bright green color, taking on a somewhat gray appearance, it is a sign that it is too dry. To further test out whether or not it needs watering, try walking over the surface of the grass. If your footprints stay in the grass for any length of time, it means that your lawn is too dry. Without adequate moisture, the individual blades of grass aren’t stiff enough to pop back up into position again. To keep your lawn green and healthy, you need to water it regularly. More than that, however, you have to know the right way to water it. Watering during the wrong time of the day is a great example of how things can go wrong. If you water before bed, for instance, it can increase the likelihood of disease. If you water too shallowly, the roots of the grass won’t penetrate deep enough into the ground, reducing its resistance to heat.

Most Houston lawn care experts recommend watering established lawns to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 inches. This usually requires about 1 inch of water each week. You can adjust your watering schedule according to how much rain you receive to achieve the 1-inch weekly goal. You can also choose whether you want to water all at once or in two separate watering sessions throughout the week. Use the steps below to keep your lawn healthy, green, and properly hydrated. Houston Landscaping Source is the number one Houston lawn care company that is ready to assist you in making y our lawn look its best! Continue reading for tips on how to water your lawn.

1. Calculate Your Watering Time

To figure out how long you need to water your lawn, you will need to time your first watering session. Turn your sprinkler on and wait approximately 15 minutes. Then, go outside with a screwdriver and dig down into the ground to see how deep the moisture has penetrated. If necessary, leave the sprinkler on for another 15 minutes and check again. Repeat this process until the water has penetrated down into the soil at least 6 inches. This is the minimum amount of time that you should water your lawn during each session.

2. Take A Mathematical Approach

One easy way to calculate watering times is by using the flow rate of your home’s sprinkler system. This figure, which is measured in gallons per minute, is usually provided by the company that manufactured your system. All that you have to do is calculate the square footage of your lawn and multiply that figure by 0.62, which is the amount of water it takes to achieve one inch of water per square foot. Divide the resulting number by the flow rate of your system to get the total number of minutes that you should water.

3. Use Cans To Measure Water Output

Another simple option is to take empty food cans and place them under the sprinkler while you water. Then, monitor the cans to see how long it takes for an inch of water to accumulate in each one. Some cans may fill more quickly than others, depending on the coverage pattern of your sprinkler. Because of that, you may need to estimate the average amount of time it takes for all of the cans to hit the one-inch mark.

4. Employ A Flow Timer

Flow timers are special devices that are designed to measure the amount of water flowing through your system. All you need to do is multiply the square footage of your lawn by .62 to calculate how many gallons of water you need for your whole lawn. If you find that the water begins to puddle on the surface, you may want to break your watering down into shorter sessions. For example, you could water for 15 minutes then shut the water off for 10 minutes to allow it to soak in, repeating this cycle as many times as necessary until you have applied enough water. Typically, lawns do best when they receive anywhere from about 1 inch to 1.5 inches of water each week. This water can either come from your sprinkler or from the rain. The specific water requirements of your lawn can also be affected by other factors such as the type of soil you have, how much sun your lawn receives, and the type of grass that you have planted. Be sure to pay attention to any watering restrictions in your area when planning your watering schedule. Make sure to check out the different services offered by Houston Landscaping Source.

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