Landscaping Design: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Plant Flowers In Your Houston Garden

Houston Landscaping Source: A How-To Guide For Creating A Beautiful Flower Garden Design

Planting flowers is a rewarding hobby. Before you dive in and get started, however, there are a few tips that you should familiarize yourself with. The more you know about growing flowers, the more likely your garden is to succeed. When it comes to landscaping design Houston has a lot of professional companies available that can give you advice and assistance if you need it but Houston Landscaping Source is the #1 company that will exceed your expectations.

Tip #1 – Choose The Right Location For Your Flowers

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when planting a flower garden is that you need to match the right flowers to the right location in your yard. Different types of flowers thrive in different growing conditions. Some prefer the sun while others prefer the shade. There are even flowers out there that do best when planted in areas that receive both shade and sun. If the tag on a particular plant says that it prefers full sun, that means that you should plant it in an area of your yard that receives a minimum of six hours of sun each day. Partial-sun plants should be placed in locations that get anywhere from about four to six hours of daily sunshine. Shade plants, on the other hand, prefer areas where they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Tip #2 – Prepare The Soil

Preparing the soil before planting the flowers will give them the best chance of success. As a basic rule of thumb, flowers prefer soil that is rich in organic matter and that is not overly compact. Dig down into the ground a minimum of 6 inches when preparing the flower bed to help loosen the soil.

Tip #3 – Dig Or Plant When The Soil Conditions Are Right

If the soil is too wet, you should wait to dig until it has a chance to dry out a little bit. Otherwise, it will become too compact, preventing the roots from growing the way that they should. To test the soil, take a small handful of it and squeeze it together into a ball. Toss the ball of soil onto the ground. If it sticks together, the soil needs to dry out more before working it. If it breaks apart, however, it is perfect for planting.

Tip #4 – Plantings Seeds And Bedding Plants

When growing flowers, you can either grow them from seed or you can purchase bedding plants from a nursery or garden center. For seeds, all that you need to do is plant them in accordance with the directions printed on the package. For bedding plants, you should dig a hole that is approximately as deep as the pot. Remove the plant from the pot and loosen the soil around its roots before placing it in the ground. Make sure that the top of the soil from the pot is at the same level as the surrounding dirt. Finish by gently pressing the soil back into the hole around the plant, taking care not to compact it too much. Check out the variety of landscaping design Houston services we offer.

Tip #5 – Learn Proper Watering Techniques

After planting flowers, you should make sure to saturate the soil. Continue watering them on a regular schedule, following the instructions from the care tag or seed packet. Most experts recommend deep watering since it promotes better root growth than shallow watering. If you are growing plants in containers, you will need to water them more often since they don’t have enough soil around them to hold onto the water for long periods of time.

Tip #6 – Remove Dead Flower Heads

Most flowers do well when you remove the dead flower heads. This gives the plant a chance to grow additional foliage and to develop its roots so that it stands a better chance of making it through the winter. In some cases, the plants will even flower again after you move the old, dead flowers.

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