Houston Landscaping Source Talks About Planting Trees The Right Way By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

The Right Way To Plant Trees And 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

There is so much possibility associated with planting a tree.

Someday, you will be able to pick apples. Sprawl underneath its shade with a good book and picnic lunch. String holiday lights on it.

However, first of all, you need to plant it. There is more to this process than simply digging a hole and then sticking your tree into the ground as part of your Houston landscaping.

In this article, we will be guiding you through the process, and let you know about some of the most common tree planting mistakes that you should avoid.

Follow These Steps When Planting Trees

1. The Dig

The first thing you need to do is dig a hole in the ground that is 2 or 3 times wider than the root ball of the tree. Next, place the tree in the hole carefully, while making sure the root ball stays intact.

Place your tree in the middle of the hole with its best side faced in the direction that you want. Make sure to not plant your tree too deeply. Make sure the root flare that is on the base of the tree trunk is right above ground level.

2. The Fill

Shovel the soil into the hole and at the same time make sure your tree is straight. Continue to fill in the hole and pack the soil firmly. Be sure you don’t leave pockets of air.

3. Water

Make a basin around your hole and then thoroughly water your tree.

4. Add Mulch

After the water has thoroughly soaked into the ground, spread around 2-4 inches worth of mulch in a 3-foot diameter surrounding the tree in order to hold the moisture in and protect the roots. The mulch should not touch the trunk of the tree.

5. Watch It

Make sure that the mulch and soil stay moist – but never soggy. When the weather is dry, your new tree should be watered every week during the first year. Water slowly. Don’t flood it.

5. No Food

Do not fertilize your tree. New trees are not hungry. If you add chemicals or fertilizer it may kill it. Do not fertilize until your tree is at least one year old.

Avoid These Tree Planting Mistakes

There are wrong ways to plant trees. Not paying attention to detail and being careful in the process can completely throw off the growthof the tree.

Planting A Tree In The Wrong Location

Make sure to choose the right space for a tree. How tall is the tree going to get? How wide? Does the tree prefer part shade or sun? What are the soil requirements for the tree? Will it be dropping messy fruit on the sidewalk? Will the tree provide you with that spectacular fall color that you want?

Do your research.

Digging A Hole That Isn’t Big Enough

It is very important that the hole you dig is 2 or 3 times wider than the root ball of your tree. Roots need a lot of room for spreading out as the tree continues to grow. The roots will eventually spread out 2-3 times the tree canopy’s width.

Planting Too Deep

It is very tempting to stick the root ball of the tree deep in the ground, however, it can suffocate if you bury it too deep. The root flare on the trunk’s base needs to right above ground level.

Not Watering Your Tree Enough

Young trees are very thirsty – not only for a few weeks but for a few years. Plan out a regular watering schedule for your tree for the first year at least to make sure your tree remains healthy.

Provide your tree with around one inch per week. The roots of the tree could rot if you give them more water than that.

Ignoring Potbound Roots

When your tree has grown inside of a tree, make sure you look carefully at its roots before planting the tree. Are they spiraling in a circle?

Make sure to loosen the tree roots so they are facing out from the trunk, rather than circling around it. When they continue growing in a spiral, they will strangle the tree eventually.

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