Houston Lawn Mowing Services Providers Teach You How To Properly Mow Your Yard

Houston Lawn Mowing Services: Learn How To Mow Your Yard The Right Way

It is important to understand that mowing the lawn is essentially pruning it. When the lawn is mowed correctly, it is going to help increase the density, which will help to lower the number of weeds. Every type of grass has its own specific height requirements. You need to find the type of lawn you have as you may have more than one, and adjust the lawn mower accordingly. It is always wise to stick to the 1/3 rule, which states that you never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at once. A healthy lawn is able to withstand a close cut on an occasion. However, when a lawn is repeatedly cut too short, it not only will turn brown but suffer the following side effects:

  • Sustained injury to the crown, where all the nutrients are stored and new growth occurs.
  • The surface area of the blade is reduced, making it insufficient to produce the proper amount of food via photosynthesis.
  • The grass becomes more vulnerable to disease and pest infection.
  • More sunlight is able to penetrate weed seeds, allowing for faster germination of weeds.
  • Greater chance of soil compaction.

Houston Lawn Mowers Offer These Simple Grass Cutting Tips

There are several things you need to keep in mind while you are cutting your lawn. If you use the tips that we have listed below, you are going to ensure that you do not make any mistakes that could destroy your lawn. If you use the following methods, you are going to ensure that you see positive results all year long In many cases, it is just easier to hire Houston lawn mowing services for the best lawn possible. Now, let’s take a look at a few tips:

  • Always mow your lawn when it is dry. The blades are going to be in an upright position and will not clump when they are cut.
  • Do not mow the grass when it is hot outdoors, as this is going to cause heat stress not only on the lawn but you as well.
  • Mower blades should always remain balanced and sharp. Using unbalanced and dull blades are going to leave a ragged cut, which can lead to more pests and disease.
  • Use a unique mowing pattern every mowing session. Grass will develop a grain-based pattern based upon your cutting direction, which will tend to lean toward the general direction that you mow. When you alternate the mowing pattern, it is going to help the grass grow in an upright position and discourage ruts in the lawn.
  • Always mow in a forward direction, regardless of the type of mower you are using.
  • Always discharge the clipping to the area that has already been cut.
  • It is best to leave clippings to remain on the grass unless they form heavy rows or clumps.
  • Recycling the grass, it will help to return nitrogen and nutrients back to the lawn.
  • It is wise to use a mulching attachment or mulching mower.
  • If you do bag your clippings, consider placing them in a compost pile.
  • Allow for a higher height around shady areas under trees. These types of areas have to compete with tree roots for nutrients and water.
  • When the season is cooler, reduce the frequency of mowing and height to allow for a slower growth rate.
  • Be sure to follow the correct fertilizing schedule for your particular type of grass.

Mowing New Grass In Houston

Planting new grass seed is going to require at least four weeks to become established once it germinates before being mowed. These grass blades are going to be rather tender and can be damaged by foot or mower, and the soil can be easily compacted. Wait to mow until it the grass is at least an inch higher than the recommended mowing height. Another option would be to get artificial grass for your lawn.

Houston Lawn Mowing Instructions

It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times when operating the mower for the best results possible. Here are a few tips to help use your lawn mower:

  • Be sure you fully know how to operate your lawn mower before first use, especially if it is a zero-turn-radius model.
  • Clear the property of any debris that may harm the mower blades.
  • Always keep pets and children far from the mower while in use.
  • Do not alter or remove any safety mechanisms from the mower.
  • Always wear the proper attire and safety gear while mowing.
  • Keep the summer heat in mind while you are working outdoors.
  • Never refuel a hot engine with gas.
  • Never place hands and feet near moving parts and blades.
  • If you have a sloped yard, you are going to have a specific set of challenges ahead of you. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on for specific instruction on mowing a sloped yard.
  • If you are going to use a riding mower, never have passengers.
  • If you have a mower that requires a key to start, be sure to never leave it in while not in use.

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