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How To Properly Care For Your Texas Lawn

If you live in Texas and want to keep your lawn green and lush, there are certain lawn care techniques that you have to follow. A well-maintained lawn can add a lot to your property. Not only can it improve your home’s curb appeal but it can also provide a soft, comfortable place for relaxing or playing. The following tips will help ensure that your lawn looks incredible all summer long.

Tip #1 – Choose The Right Type Of Grass

Ideally, the grass that you plant in your yard should be native to the Texas area. The types of grasses that naturally grow in an around Houston are already adapted to the climate. That means that they will be a lot easier to care for than grasses that are not native to the area. By choosing your grass seed carefully, you can minimize the amount of water that it takes to keep your lawn green. Two choices that you may want to try include St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass. They are both well adapted to the climate in the Houston area.

Tip #2 – Learn How To Properly Water Your Lawn

From an environmental standpoint, water conservation is extremely important. Knowing how to water your lawn can minimize the amount of water that it takes to keep it healthy and happy. Ideally, you should water early in the morning. If you wait until the sun is already high in the sky, the water will evaporate too quickly. Another way to minimize the water needs of your lawn is by mulching your grass clippings rather than bagging them. Leaving the clippings behind on the lawn will help provide essential nutrients and will make it easier for your lawn to retain water.

Tip #3 – Avoid Cutting Your Grass Too Short

if you chop too much off of your grass, it will make it a lot harder for it to hang onto moisture. As a result, it is more likely to turn brown and die. It is best to leave it a little bit longer during the heat of summer. Ideally, you should aim for a lawn that is about 3 inches tall to keep it looking its best.

Tip #4 – Consider Rainwater Collection

Imagine how nice it would be if you could reduce your water bill. As it turns out, collecting rainwater can help you do just that. All that you have to do is buy a water collection barrel and position it properly so that it starts collecting water each and every time that it rains. You can then use this water to keep your lawn hydrated all summer long. If you have questions about how to set up a rainwater collection system for watering your lawn, a Houston lawn care company can help.

Tip #5 – Take Good Care Of Your Equipment

Avoid leaving your lawn care equipment scattered around your property. Not only can it make your yard look cluttered but it can also damage the underlying grass. Find a place to store it where it is safely protected from the weather and neatly tucked away out of sight. Taking good care of your equipment can make the process of caring for your lawn a lot easier. It can also help your equipment last a lot longer, allowing you to get your money’s worth out of your investment.

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