Houston Landscapers Reveal Stump Removal Secrets

Tree Stump Removal In The Fall

Is your landscape filled with tree stumps? If so, fall is the perfect time to remove them. If you are wondering how stumps are removed, we have the inside information. However, you should never try to remove them yourself. Continue reading to learn about stump grinding services in Houston and the details of stump removal, including the difference between stump removal and grinding a stump. We sat down and talked to the construction manager, Paul Weaver, at one of Houston’s leading landscape companies.

What Issues Do Stumps Create in a Houston Landscape?

Weaver advises that tree stumps can be dangerous. First, tree stumps can be a trip hazard that can cause you or your visitors to fall. Additionally, when lawn work is performed, pieces of the stump can be cut and thrown across the landscape, which can hurt people, your property or your neighbor’s property. He says that any tree stumps on the property should be removed. This relatively inexpensive project can be done quickly and easily by a professional landscape company skilled in stump removal.

What is the Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding?

There are times that a tree stump can simply be ground up so that it is below ground level. A professional landscape company will have a stump grinder to complete the task quickly. The machinery uses a big wheel that has sharp metal teeth. The wheel spins fast and grinds the stump down an inch at a time. For an averagely sized stump, the time needed to complete the task is around 30 minutes; however, there are certain situations where it will take longer. For example, if the stump is located near a car or house, further safety precautions must be taken. Additionally, if the stump is located at a tricky location, such as a sloping area of the landscape, it can take longer. The stump grinder can grind the stump down to a foot or foot and a half below the ground level. This depth allows you to add soil and plant grass or a small shrub in the area. When the stump is ground, the crew will remove the shredded bark and wood chips, rake the area smooth and add soil and plant your shrub or grass seed over the area.

Stump removal is required when the entire stump, including the roots, need to go. Weaver explains that the professional landscape crew will use a mini excavator to pull the stump out of the ground. This method is often used when a landscape project is being completed to ensure no roots get in the way of plantings. When removing a stump, the crew must ensure that there aren’t any buried utilities nearby, such as gas lines, water lines, septic lines or electrical service. The roots can spread quite far and attach to almost anything, which is why it is essential that the crew take the time to verify any buried utilities before trying to remove the stump.

Should You Remove the Stump Yourself?

Weaver suggests that you not try to do it yourself. Back injuries often occur when a homeowner attempts to remove a tree stump themselves. The roots of the tree can spread more than 20 or 30 feet. Many people try to hook a chain to the stump and use their truck to pull out the stump. Oftentimes, this can result in injury. The chain can snap and injure someone or the stump can end up flying through the window of the vehicle. As you can see, there are several things that can go wrong and cause life-threatening injuries.

When Should Stumps Be Removed?

Fall is the perfect time for stump removal during your annual fall cleanup, reports Weaver. Our crew will already be on your property removing leaves and sticks. Additionally, in the fall, the temperatures begin to cool and rain is common, making it a perfect time to sow grass seed. The grass will have time to root before winter sets in. Once the stump is removed, the area will be raked and new soil and grass seed will be added. Finally, the crew will cover the area with straw to help the grass seed overwinter, ensuring a full, lush lawn next spring.

Who is the Ideal Tree Stump Removal Customer?

Weaver says everyone is. During the fall, Weaver’s professional landscaping company gets contacted about trees that have been cut down in the spring and summer. The property owner will call asking for the stump to be removed. Additionally, during the fall, shopping centers, businesses, apartment complexes, and condos will be doing renovations, making it the perfect time for stump removal.

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