How To Hire The Best Landscaper In Houston For You

Tips For Hiring The Best Landscaper For Your Home

It is definitely worth your time to find the best option available when you are hiring landscapers in Houston for your home. It frequently makes sense for you to hire professional landscapers instead of individual contractors, depending on what kind of landscaping services you are in need of.

When you hire a licensed landscaping company it will help to ensure that the work is done on time and within your specific budget. The following are a few considerations and steps to take when you are looking to hire a landscaper.

Ask For Samples of Their Previous Work

It is important to obtain several samples from a landscaper of the previous work they have done before you make the commitment to hire them even for small projects. They should be able to provide you with a number of photos of their past work, that includes before and after pictures of yards that they have done basic landscaping services on, up to the most advanced services that they offer. A quick glance at their prior work can help you easily determine which specific service has the skills to be able to help you with the landscaping needs that you currently have. If any prospective landscaper refuses to furnishes you with before and after pictures, there might be a reason for this, and it is probably a good idea to look for a different option.

Be Sure They Are Insured and Licensed

It is critical to only work with insured and licensed landscapers from your local area due to liability. When it comes to personal liability there are some very important concerns if anything were to go wrong while work was being performed on your landscaping project.

For example, if the landscaper you hired were to become injured on the job, and they don’t have a license for operating in your state or don’t have insurance, you might be held liable for the injuries that they sustain. No matter how small or large your landscaping project is, it definitely is not worth the risk. Make sure that you check the credentials of any prospective landscaper you are considering working with to ensure they have the appropriate insurance and licensing prior to hiring anyone.

Obtain Information Upfront On Their Rates

You will also want to get as much information as you can on your expected costs ahead of time before committing to hire anyone. A majority of professional companies and contractors offer a free consultation where they will meet with you and give you a quote on your landscaping needs, even if all you need is basic maintenance. Services or contracts that refuse to provide you with detailed information upfront on what you can expect to pay might end up overcharging you are are not worth hiring. This will also allow you to plan your budget more carefully for your landscaping project.

Do they guarantee their work?

Find out if the landscaper’s work is guaranteed; a majority of reputable services offer some kid of long term warranty so that your landscaping investment is protected. This is very important, especially when you will be spending thousands of dollars on various landscaping improvements like plant removal, irrigation systems, turf renovation and other work. The landscaper’s work should be guarantee for a long time period so that if there are any defects or problems in the future that the landscaping can be repaired at a discounted or no cost to you.

Meet With The Landscaper To Ask Questions

You always want to meet with a landscaping company you are considering for a free consultation since that will give you the chance to ask questions about their licensing, experience and other concerns you might have.

After you have spoken with them on the phone, set an in-person meeting up with them at your home so that they can answer your questions and check out your current landscaping. Ask them to bring along some photos of their previous work so you can look at them. Also ask the landscaper how long it will take to complete your landscaping project.

Ask How Long The Landscaper Has Been In Business

In some cases you might some some money working with a new landscaping company. However you are potentially taking a big risk, particularly when you are planning landscape renovations that are more on the complex side. Ask the landscaping company how long they’ve been in business and attempt to work with an experienced landscaper to guarantee you get the results that you desire. New landscaping companies may also not have the licensing and insurance needed to make sure your project is completed with the right permits and without liability.

Hire A Company That Is Genuinely Interested In Your Project

When you meet with a prospective landscaper, try to determine what their passion and interest level is for landscaping. It is worth working with a company that appears to be genuinely interested in your idea, focuses on your goals and ideas and communicates well with you. If your opinions are being ignored, then you shouldn’t work with that specific company since they will probably not pay close enough attention to the vision you have for your new landscape and might make expensive mistakes in the process.

Houston Landscaping Source is one of the leading landscapers in Houston that will meet with you for a consultation at any time, answer your questions, and provide you with samples of our past work. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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