The Best Fall Lawn Care Tips For Your Houston Yard

The Ultimate Guide To Fall Lawn Care With Houston Landscaping Source

One of the most important tasks for keeping your lawn healthy is to make sure that you are watering it correctly. The problem is that in fall, your lawn will generally need less water than it does during summer and spring. In fact, if you water your lawn too much in the fall you could do more harm than good. This is due to the fact that you are saturating the root system with water which drowns them and causes damage to the grass. Fortunately, there are a number of other tasks that you can complete that ensure your lawn is looked after during the fall. The fall lawn care tips from Houston Landscaping Source can help keep your yard, garden, or park healthy and thriving during the season.

Scarify Lawn In Fall

Scarifying is the process where you rake the lawn to remove the layers of thatch that have formed on the grass. Thatch is a collection of dead grass, old moss, and other debris. This can prevent fertilizer as well as water from penetrating the soil and reaching the roots of your grass. Fall is the best time to scarify your lawn as you will be able to rake a bit deeper than you could in the spring. This is due to the fact that the grass is not as delicate at this time. It is recommended that you use the right techniques for removing the thatch to ensure that you do not actually damage your grass.

Trim The Lawn And Bed Edges

During the summer months, your lawn edges could become overgrown and fall is the best time to get them back under control. For the edges of the beds, the lawn could have grown over horizontally and needs to be cut back using scissors. When you do this, you need to ensure that you pick up all of the cutting from the bed as they could cause problems. If you have edges that are not straight, but you want them to be, you should use a plank of wood like a ruler. You can then use a spade to trim the edges in a perfectly straight line. As with the scissor method, you will need to collect all of the trimmings from the beds.

Flatten The Uneven Areas

If you have pets or children playing on the lawn during the summer, there are will be areas that have become bumpy. These areas need to be addressed and you should utilize a half-moon edging iron or a spade to make the ground level. Once you have done this, you will need to aerate the soil and relay the turf level to be the same as the rest of the lawn. You should follow the same process for dips and toughs throughout the lawn to ensure that everything is level. Check out the services offered by Houston Landscaping Source.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is one of the cornerstones of having a well-maintained garden. The process of aeration will involve driving spikes into the lawn to allow more air to get to the roots of the grass. This process will help your lawn survive a number of extreme conditions such as drought and water logging. There are a number of different methods that you can use to aerate your lawn and the method you use should be based on the soil and lawn you have. If you are unsure about doing this, you might want to consult with a professional fall lawn care service that can complete this for you.

Fork Compacted Areas

Areas of your lawn that get a lot of traffic during the summer will become compacted and the soil will need to be broken up. To do this, you should fork the soil to improve the drainage of the area when it starts to rain. When you push your fork into the soil, you need to ensure that you go deep enough to provide proper aeration and drainage.

Apply Top Dressing

Once your lawn has been flattened and aerated, you need to put some top dressing. This is a mixture of loam, compost, and sand which helps the roots grow strong. Fall is the best time for this as the sandy top absorbs moisture, but you need to ensure that you have raked it into the soil correctly.

Fall Lawn Care Experts

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