Drainage & Irrigation

Our irrigation repair and installation services save you money, time and water by making sure your lawn receives the precise amount of water that it needs in order to stay lush and green.

Say goodbye to ugly above ground hoses, wet spots and over watering with the professional irrigation systems that our Houston landscaping contractors can provide you with.

For a new installation, we assess your property thoroughly in order to determine what the most effective system will be for providing your lawn with balance.

In order to get your system installed with minimal disruption and damage we use the most recent irrigation technology. With our one-day, fast installation process, it will result in your landscaping immediately starting to experience the benefits that balanced hydration provides.

For irrigation systems that are already installed, Houston Landscaping Source offers various maintenance and repair services. Whether your system needs a mid-season tune-up, fall “winterization”, spring activation or back flow prevention testing, our Houston landscaping contractors have you fully covered.


Having poor drainage can potentially cause a lot of damage to your valuable landscape and hardscape. We provide various drainage solutions to ensure that the investment that you have made in your property’s exterior beauty is protected. Allow Houston Landscaping Source to thoroughly analyze your situation so that we can recommend the ideal solution for your specific situation. The solutions we provide include the following:


Decorative Dry Creek Beds

This popular drainage solution is used by Houston Landscaping Source since it offers both function and beauty.

Topsoil Installation and Grading

A majority of water problems encountered by property owners can be avoided by having the proper topsoil installation and grading. We consider all of this with all of our new redesigns and installations.


Downspout Extensions

A great way to prevent greens from washing out is to use downspout extensions for directing excess water away from the landscaping.

Hardscape Crack Repair

Whenever water has damaged your hardscape already, we can make use of polyurethane injections to seal the cracks effectively. The corrective measure prevents water from leaking still and improves your hardscape’s appearance.


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Clients rely on Houston Landscaping Source for maintaining and repairing their sprinkler systems in addition to the installations that we provide.

Clients rely on Houston Landscaping Source for maintaining and repairing their sprinkler systems in addition to the installations that we provide.

For over thirty years, Houston Landscaping Source has assisted our clients with keeping their lawns green and lush with sprinkler systems that are professionally installed in order to eliminate any guesswork regarding balanced watering.

The high-quality sprinkler systems that we use withstand the harsh weather and stand the test of time so that you can focus on more important things in your life.

Our experienced installation team will set your sprinkler heads up properly below your landscaping so that you can safely mow and sprinkler system programs for you according to specific irrigation zones for precisely targeting water distribution.

We position each sprinkler head carefully so that it ensures you water only living things – and not your street, driveway or sidewalk.

The maintenance services that we provide include the following:


Backflow Checkups


Fall “Winterization”


Spring Start Ups

The Irrigation System

Having access to the right amount of water is the most essential factor to your landscape succeeding.

Where do commercial Houston landscaping contractors start when we are attempting to diagnose a problem that our client’s landscaping has?

The irrigation system. Having access to the right amount of water is the most essential factor to your landscape succeeding.

Commercial irrigation systems are very sophisticated technologies that require special certifications for installing and operating them. Our Maintenance and Irrigation Installation Professionals are experts in all of the main commercial irrigation systems. From the most innovative and modern water-wise systems available to older systems that frequently need updates and repairs, our Irrigation Teams are fully dedicated to fully protecting our valuable water resources.

After the systems are installed, we always conform to local ordinances that govern water use. We also implement the principles that go into Landscape Irrigation Management Best Practices that leading industry groups have published. The guidelines govern the way your property’s irrigation system is designed, installed and maintained. Professional maintenance is critical to reducing the amount of water you use and eliminating waste in your overall water consumption.

This is why we include the following as part of our irrigation maintenance services:

    • Inspect all landscape areas for proper water coverage
    • Clock maintenance for ensuring appropriate watering days and lengths
    • Piping repairs for correcting and avoiding any leaks within the system
    • Sprinkler head replacement when needed
    • Immediate repairs and replacement whenever any faults are identified
    • Wet checks of each zone belong to your property’s system