Houston Lawn Care: Can I Mow Wet Grass?

#1 Houston Lawn Care Specialists: Is It Wise To Mow Wet Grass?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you may have already heard that mowing grass when wet is not a good idea. Some believe this leads to the clippings clumping on the grass. Others say you risk to slip on the slick blades. Others are sure you’re going to ruin your beautiful lawn. Nonetheless, let’s assume you are in a special situation – you have ignored mowing your lawn for too long, the grass looks awful already, you expect more rain to come over the next few days, and maybe you have guests for the evening. Although most people shy away from mowing grass when wet, we are going to take a closer look into this issue to see how bad it really is.

How Bad Is It To Mow Wet Grass?

The truth is that there are many reasons why you should refrain from mowing wet grass. You might slip by accident, clippings will surely clump, and the result may be an ugly and messy lawn (raking may help a little, but you need to be willing to do it). The grass won’t be in the best state for mowing, so the finished cut may not look as tidy as you want. If you like a perfectly cut lawn, you should postpone the mowing until the sun will shine again. Besides, the chlorophyll in the grass is more prone to causing staining when wet. You’ll end up with a stained body, stained clothes, and even a stained driveway. If you don’t want to pain everything around you in green, you should consider waiting for the grass to dry. Last but not least, wet grass is extremely sticky. It may even clog the motor of your mower. If you are keen on mowing wet grass, you should definitely go much slower than usual. If you would rather get a Houston Lawn Care to do the hard work for you make sure to reach out to Houston Landscaping Source.

What To Keep In Mind When Mowing Wet Grass

If the above-mentioned disadvantages haven’t put you off by now, you can go ahead and mow your grass when wet. Nonetheless, the ground shouldn’t be soggy. If it sinks under your body weight, it is too wet. Moreover, using an electric mower with an extension cord when the grass is wet isn’t a very smart thing to do (your safety should come first). Third, unless your blades are really sharp, you’re going to fail at cutting wet grass. If you meet all of these conditions and you are in desperate need of mowing your lawn, just go ahead and do it. You can make the situation a bit better by spraying the underside of the mower with silicone spray or oil. Some people swear by this solution, while others say it doesn’t help at all. You have a difficult job ahead of you, that’s for sure. You can’t expect the result to be perfect, either. Indeed, it would be wiser to wait until the lawn is dry. However, if you really need to mow your lawn, try to make the best out of your endeavor. For a perfectly looking lawn, consider hiring a reliable and professional company like Houston Landscaping Source to handle the mowing and the maintenance of the grass. We have the skills and the right tools to get your grass in perfect shape.

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