The best seed to use for your lawn in Houston, TX.

Service Your Lawn With These Seeds To Take Care Of It

  • When wanting to provide your lawn care with the services and care it needs, use the seeds below to get a professional looking lawn

  • These seeds are best for feeding your lawn and making it look more green and full

  • It is an affordable or inexpensive way to make your lawn look like it had been done by a top rated lawn care company

  • You can achieve the same effects by hiring a local landscaper as well

Keeping the lawn looking green and well covered is not an easy task especially when you do not have the best grass seed or a quick and efficient way to make it happen. It is important to ensure that all the seed that you use is of high quality so that the grass that grows is dense and holds up well in all seasons. So what are the best seeds to use on your lawn in Houston? The answer lies with two varieties Bermuda and St. Augustine varieties. These varieties have been thriving in Houston for a long time and they have been improved over the years to ensure that they are well adapted to Houston and in essentially Texas weather. Here are some of the reasons why these two varieties thrive well in Houston.

St. Augustine – there are many varieties of St. Augustine grass that is available including Raleigh. Palmetto, Floratam and Tamstar St. Augustine grass varieties. The Tamstar variety is the best for Houston and it is the best-looking grass. The grass has fine bladed leaves that grow closer to each other than in other varieties. This means that you get a lawn that is densely covered. The grass is made drought resistant and therefore it gets still keep looking great during summer and any other hot weather seasons. It is also shade resistant and cold tolerant keeping it great all the year round. It is very low maintenance and will not require any special mowers to keep it looking great. The grass resists diseases such as the gray leaf spot and the Southern Chinch bug. If anything happens to the grass it is able to repair itself quickly because of the high growth rate. This means you do not have to keep replacing the grass every time.

Bermuda – Bermuda varieties that you may find in Houston include Texturf 10 Bermuda Grass and Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass. The Texturf variety is the most grown in lawns around Houston. It was developed by Texas A & M University and therefore it is well adapted to the weather in Texas. This grass is lush and has coarse blades than is common. The grass requires at least three applications of fertilizer that has slow nitrogen release source to keep it looking great throughout the year. The grass requires more fertilizer application than the St. Augustine does. It requires full sun for it to grow therefore planting should be timed to when there is full sun. Recommended mowing height is one to two inches which should be done using a reel or rotary type mower.

The Zoysia grass variety is the other one that does well in Houston. When looking for the best seed ensure that you look at the properties that you need on your lawn since the needs are different.

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