Best plants to have in your yard in Houston, TX

Be A Professional Landscape Architect By Using These Plants In Your Yard

  • Many specialists and top rated landscaping companies suggest that you use the plants below, because of their acclimation to Houston and its’ weather

  • It is always best to look into a company that is a provider of local landscaping services so that you can feel like you are always going to get the job done correctly

  • It is a fairly inexpensive and affordable way to have your yard looking its best

  • Keeping these plant tips close by will have you benefiting in the end when you are looking to start your own project

Having plants in your yard in Houston is one of the ways in which you can add to your outdoor decor. Plants in the yard add an ambiance and provide shade during hot weather. With plants, you are able to also conserve soil and water and provide a refuge for wildlife like bees, butterflies, rodents and so much more. Some plants included in the backyard might also have medicinal values and therefore can be used to maintain the health of the family members. With plants in your yard, you are also able to stay in connection with nature and enjoy tending your plants during your free time. Here are some plants you can have in your yard in Houston, TX.

Texas Lantana – the plant is also referred to as Lantana Horrida and it is a native plant to Texas. This is a variety of the Lantana plants and has very bright yellow flowers which are attractive to butterflies. The shrub spreads to about 6 ft and blooms very well all summer long or when the sun shines partly.

Pride of Houston Yaupon Holly – scientifically called the Ilex Vomitoria this is another plant that is an improved version of the Native Yaupon. This plant grows up to 25 ft tall making it favorable as a provider of shade during summer. The female plant produces lovely and slightly red berries which attract wildlife. You should have the male plant which produces green berries for the female to produce berries.

Eastern Purple Coneflower – this plant is also called Echinacea Purpurea. The plant has wonderful lavender flowers held with an elongated stem. At the center of the flowers is the cone that accentuates the beauty of the flower. The plant can grow up to 5 feet tall. If you want to have butterflies in your yard the whole year round then these are the plants you should consider having in your yard.

Black-eyed Susan – the flowers on this plant will brighten up your yard in a way you have not thought before. The plant produces large and bright golden yellow flowers with a black cone at the center hence the name the Black-eyed Susan. The cone at the center ensures that the flower blooms continually for the entire season especially summer. The plant is drought resistant and the flowers are great for cutting and using in a vase.

Autumn Sage – if you want hummingbirds to adorn your yard especially the entire spring season then the Autumn Sage is the plant you should have. This plant produces small red flowers and also has small pale green leaves. The plant is perennial and drought resistant so you can have it in your yard almost the entire year.

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