The Best Landscaping Company In Houston Talks About The Pros Of Using A Mulch Blowing Service

Reasons To Use A Mulch Blowing Service

We all know the many benefits of mulch and how it makes your garden/lawn beautiful. Don’t worry if you don’t; we will help you understand their importance. A mulch blowing machine works by directing mulch wherever you want it to be. One of the advantages of using the monster machine is that it helps spread mulch much faster and with ease as compared to having manual laborers doing it.

How A Mulch Blower Works

A mulch blower is a large machine pulled by a truck that is run off of diesel power through a conveyor system. The system sort of pumps air in high velocity forcing mulch to fly over to the desired place. The force can, however, be regulated depending on how dry, wet, or heavy the mulch is. Controlling the mulch blower is relatively easy thanks to the wearable controls around one’s waist through a belt.

Reasons To Use A Mulch Blowing Service

It takes a lot of energy and time to move or spread mulch evenly. Manual laborers have to use shovels pitchforks, and wheelbarrows to spread the mulch, a process that can be tiring. Spreading mulch on an extensive piece of land or lawn, therefore, requires a crew of not less than 3 people to get the work done. Mulch blowers, however, do the job quickly and efficiently in no time, and only require two people to operate it. This takes away the need to have more than ten people working on a single piece of land.

Advantages of Using a Mulch Blowing Service

1. Speed

A single mulch blower can handle a task that would have otherwise taken 10 men to do in a day. With the blower, 2 men are able to spread mulch up to 60 yards in a day, effortlessly. Such speed and efficiency come in handy, especially when working with a landscaping company Houston that needs the work done fast. You get your mulch spread out fast and evenly in no time, hence the servicemen spend much less time working on your property.

2. Accessibility

These blowers come equipped with long hosepipes that make it easy to access tricky areas such as slopes, hills, and fragile soil. These machines really shine when you have to spread some mulch on the rooftop of a place. Rather than hauling mulch through elevators and hallways, the blower has hoses long enough to go as high as 12 feet above the ground. This not only makes the work much easier but also makes it possible to cover more ground. The risk of having a worker injured while spreading mulch on your roof is also reduced significantly.

3. Makes work easier for workers

Spreading mulch using these powerful blowers will cause less wear and tear on workers as compared to hauling the same in wheelbarrows. The workers also don’t have to spread the mulch by hand just to make it even.

Benefits of Mulch and Mulching

As promised earlier on, mulch has more benefits to the environment and you, than you think. For starters, mulching helps retain soil moisture for longer, hence reduced the need to water your plants/lawn every day. In addition to this, mulch helps keep pesky weeds suppressed by blocking direct sunlight needed for them to sprout. You can also use mulch to prevent soil erosion caused by heavy rains and water downhill.

Mulch is mostly made of organic materials such as leaves and grass. These materials eventually breakdown enriching the soil with vital nutrients. This leaves your lawn or garden fertile and even more beautiful. Know you know why many people take mulching more seriously.

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