Landscape Design and Installation

For the initial consultation our Houston landscaping service will arrange a time to meet up with you at your property for discussing your landscaping requirements. We will walk your property with you listen to your ideas, analyze the areas that require work, and take measurements and notes.

If you would like us to design a plan and then prepare a proposal, you will need to provide a copy of your plot plan. Some jurisdictions demand a copy of the plot before you can obtain a permit and the survey provides all the details we require to draw the design. We don’t require a fee before preparing the design and proposal and it typically takes 2 weeks to complete.

Once we have finished drafting the design and proposal, we will contact you and set and appointment to discuss various aspects of the design in the presence of you and your significant other. We prefer having all parties involved with the project present during the design and bid discussions. Once discussions are complete and the proposal is accepted, we will then provide an estimated start date depending on your work schedule.

We present to you an original copy of the design when discussing your project and it cannot be left with the customer. You will be given a copy once a contract has been accepted and the deposit is received.

Should a copy of the design be required before you make a commitment on the project, a price quote will be provided for the design cost at the time of the project. It is a non-refundable fee paid when the copy is received. If the work proposed in the design is done at a later date, the design fee can be transferred to the project’s cost.

Note: We present to you an original copy of the design when discussing your project and it cannot be left with the customer. You will be given a copy once a contract has been accepted and the deposit is received.

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The owner handpicks all the plants from select local wholesale nurseries to ensure that we only provide our customers with the most diverse and freshest stock available.


Shredded hardwood bark is what we prefer to use. This mulch is perfect for ornamental planting beds. The fibrous texture of shredded hardwood ensures that the mulch remains in the flower bed. If the mulch is used, blowing by wind and washing out after the rains will be minimized.

Bed Mix

Our Houston landscaping service only buys the richest mix from our soil suppliers that contains a typical blend if mushroom compost, black humus compost, composted rice hulls, sharp sand, and topsoil.


We only use organic fertilizers. Nutrients contain and/or are derived from: bio-inoculants, selected rock minerals, molasses, paprika, magnesia, potash or sulfate, humate, kelp meal, fish meal, rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, bone meal, and bat guano.

Bed Preparation

The existing soil is hand-tilled to a depth of between 6 and 8 inches before the addition of a new bed mix. This ensures that new plant roots are able to penetrate the existing sub base and develop a healthy system of roots. It also increases the absorption of nutrients, oxygen, and water and allows the blending of new bed mix with the existing soil.

Soil Amendments

Root stimulators, fish emulsion/ liquid seaweed, and soil activators are what we use primarily. They all help in setting the freshly planted material. We even place individual slow-release plant tablets beneath each tree or shrub.

You should always remember that you can buy the most expensive and healthiest plants available but if you place them in improperly prepared beds and poor soil, you are almost always assured of poor plant performance. Bed preparation and bed mix are the first steps towards growing healthy plants.

Maintenance Programs

All properly manicured lawns require owners to take proper regular care to ensure that they stay healthy and beautiful. Our Houston landscaping service offers several maintenance packages designed to keep your garden looking its best throughout the year, back and front. Our plans include:

  • Soil Evaluation and Testing
  • Seasonal Color Maintenance
  • Irrigation Controller Programming and System Monitoring
  • Ground Cover, Small Tree, and Shrub Pruning
  • Plant Fertilization, Disease and Weed Control
  • Disposal of Lawn Debris
  • Trimming, Mowing, Etc. (Weekly Combination ONLY)